Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Cheap Restaurant Equipment – A First Time Buyer’s Guide

If you’re opening a new restaurant, there is much to be apprehensive about. It may seem easy when you’re sitting there ordering your food at other restaurants; all you have to do is tell the waiter what you want and he brings it back for you. But behind the scenes there is a lot going on. First time buyer’s for commercial restaurant equipment may find the amount of equipment needed to successfully run a restaurant very daunting. Even small restaurants need a sizeable amount of equipment to make everything run smoothly. Since you’re in the business of serving food to the public, you want everything from barstools to grease traps to be in tiptop shape.

But where can you find cheap restaurant equipment? Rest assured that there are places that can help you out and get you the customer service that you desire. USA Equipment Direct can help fill all your needs for commercial restaurant equipment. They can even tell you what the equipment is for, and what you’ll need to accompany it. For example, if you decide to by a 3 compartment sink, you’re going to need a restaurant grease trap to go along with it. Why? They can answer this question for you. They can also tell you if you need stainless wall cabinets, steam tables or cast iron table bases.

Of course there is basic equipment that every restaurant needs. This includes restaurant table tops, restaurant table bases, and restaurant work tables. You may need steam tables if you’re doing a buffet style restaurant, or you plan to have a buffet in addition to something else that’s on the menu. Even if you have a restaurant that’s serving Italian food, you’ll find all the cookware that you need at USA Equipment Direct. It’s hard enough to search for cheap restaurant equipment. You shouldn’t have to sacrifice quality and excellent customer service as well.

If you live in the Atlanta metro area, you can make an appointment to stop by USA Equipment Direct. Or you can use their website to order from them online. You can order 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Their customer service department is available Monday through Friday 9-5pm EST and Saturday 9-3pm EST. You’ll always get someone knowledgeable and courteous on the phone. And USA Equipment Direct ships your equipment to anywhere in the United States. So even if you can’t make it to the warehouse, you can still get quality and cheap commercial restaurant equipment.
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